We will trim, shake, bail, and load your tree. Free tree removal bags while they last. We can ship your trees to you via UPS (up to 7'). Shipping costs will be added to your bill.

We also offer drilled trees and stands (to make trees stand straight and tall) for your holiday purchase. The 3 leg stand is $35, the 4 leg stand is $40, and the Monster Stand is $60.

Contact Us

321 Spring Hill Road
Sterling, PA 18463

Phone: (570) 689-4753
Cell: (570) 862-9677
Fax: (570) 689-9614

Choose & Cut Trees

SizeUnit Price
6' - 9'$45.00
9' 1" +$70.00

Save $5 with coupon!

Pre-Cut Trees

SizeUnit Price
6' - 9'$40.00
9' 1" +$60.00

Save $5 with coupon!


Opening the day after Thanksgiving
Closing on December 24th at Noon
Open 9:00am to 4:00pm Daily

Trees We Offer

Balsam Fir
Blue Spruce
(Limited Amount)
Englemann Spruce
$20 Any Size!
Fraser Fir
(Limited Amount)
Douglas Fir
Norway Spruce
Concolor Fir
(Limited Amount)
Grand Fir
Noble Fir
Canaan Fir